Friday, February 27, 2015

Carnivorous Ducks and Restaurant Review

Fort Worth has an interesting skyline, but what I like best are the old buildings on the south
Texas and Pacific Railroad Station
side of town. The Texas and Pacific Railroad station is a wonderful Art Deco building that is supposed to be restored and turned into apartments and shopping. Next to it is the Post Office, with its wonderful blend of Beaux Arts and Classical architecture. And next to that is Texas and Pacific Railroad Warehouse that is also Art Deco. Someday soon I hope to blog about all of these great old buildings found in Fort Worth ~ and to try out more restaurants in the area!

Trinity Park Duck Pond
Back when Dave was gainfully employed he enjoyed having lunch in parks just to get away from whatever was happening on the job. Several times in Fort Worth he visited a duck pond and would share his lunch with the critters living there. One day he had some left-over fried chicken and decided to see if the fish would pop up to grab the bits of it he tossed in the water. Much to his surprise the fish never had a chance at these morsels. The ducks would swim over and gobble the pieces of meat up before they had any chance of attracting the fish. On subsequent visits he offered the ducks more bites of chicken and they happily responded, smacking their bills with each chunk they devoured.

Although we didn’t have any chicken to offer, we did visit the Trinity Park Duck Pond near
Police and Firefighter Memorial
the Will Rogers complex after lunch. The tradition of feeding the ducks still stands, but I didn’t see anyone with fried chicken, only loaves of bread. There is also a gaggle of geese that lives in this area, competing with the ducks for any food offered. Their rancorous trumpeting signaled their distrust of a young boy who got just a little too close to one of the females, but they quieted down as soon as they saw he was tossing clumps of bread their way. Strolling south from the duck pond leads you up the levy and to a nice view of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. The park side of the levy is a slope that tempts youngsters to flop down and roll to the bottom. It looks like great fun until the kids find where the geese have been standing, then it is smelly business. Heading back north from the duck pond toward West 7th Street you’ll find the Police and Firefighter Memorial. The pathways in this area are flanked by plaques for those who have died in their service to society; a statue dedicated to police and firefighters stands in front of a memorial wall.

What we ate…
Two and one-half Carrots

Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant (2401 West 7th Street, Fort Worth, 817-332-2489) is eye candy! The art deco chandelier, swaths of brightly colored fish, variety of tile colors and patterns, walls of interesting paintings and a ceiling of hub caps are a fun and interesting diversion
Top, left to right: Stacked enchiladas, crispy tacos
Center, left to right: Decor, Chuy's sign
Bottom, left to right: Chips, chickens enchiladas
while waiting for you food. We had an excellent waitress, Dakota. She knew the menu items, their ingredients, and checked on us frequently. The chips were crispy and the salsa was tasty but full of onions. Two other salsas were served: one was creamy while the other was a dark brown. Both of those were down right hot. Vince loved them. Vince had chicken enchiladas which he said were flavorful but needed more zip, hence the two additional salsas. Dave had stacked enchiladas with an excellent green sauce and piles of well-prepared chicken. I had crispy tacos that were spicy, which was fine, but relied on chili powder for flavor more than I preferred. The rice and beans were nothing unexpected, although quite adequate. All of these plates had too much food to consume in one sitting. The really negative part of our visit was the noise. While the music was slightly loud, the people bussing the tables seemed to be drop-kicking the plates and silverware while simultaneously slamming the plastic glasses into the tubs. Vince thought seriously about removing his hearing aids. I’d go back here for a quick drink and to see the décor, but certainly not to have any sort of conversation.

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