Friday, May 26, 2017

在北京 - Being in Beijing

Although I always wanted to go to China, I didn’t know much about the country except that it
Bell Tower
had the Great Wall, a Forbidden City, some Terracotta Soldiers, and the ancestors of Charlie Chan. What I found on this trip was a rich history, engaging people, and a much wider variety of foods than I had imagined. Dave and I started our trek in the capital of China, Beijing. With its population of 21.5 million, China’s second largest city has thousands of years of history.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Bounding to Burleson

It came to my attention rather recently that although we visit Burleson frequently, I’d never
Decorated fence
written a blog about it. Burleson is the closest ‘city’ to Vince; this is where he does most of his shopping. It has lots of chain restaurants, some ‘big box’ stores, and medical facilities. It was also the location of my first venture into the job market. I was about 16 and had just gotten a driver’s license so I needed money to support the life-style to which I wanted to become accustom. While the other students in my high school were driving into Fort Worth to work as salesclerks, burger flippers, or other jobs suitable for that age group, I went to work on Saturdays for a medical doctor; I also worked there in the summers. It seemed like a good idea at the time and did give me a chance to decide if I really wanted to work in the blood, tears, and other bodily fluids that could on occasion spew forth from a human being. The answer to that question was a profound, ‘No’!

Friday, May 12, 2017

History on Headstones

Headstone art
Dave plays golf at a number of clubs in near Keller and never likes to take the same route to them more than a couple of times. This means that he see some out-of-the-way places, discovers things of interest and gets lost a lot. Old cemeteries catch his attention because of the artwork on the monuments and the sometimes odd places they are located. One day neither of us was content to stay home, so we went to visit two of these graveyards that had aroused his curiosity.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Looking around Lantana

Entrance to Lantana
Lantana is a community that was developed around the Lantana Golf Course. There is not much history to it since it was established in 1999. Near-Normal Traveler, Dave, discovered it when he met a group of men to play golf at the course there. What neither of us realized, until we explored the area, was that is site ‘cheek by jowl’ with Bartonville.