Ready to go ~ almost

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

Being at airports too early rather than just slightly late will make your trip calmer. There are no guarantees that flights will arrive or depart on time, but if you are on site it will be easier to adjust to these changes. Keep in mind that those folks helping you get where you are going may be just as stressed as you are about the changes. Stay calm, ask for what you need, and smile.

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Your carry-on is labeled and ready, but what’s in it? All of your technology, along with the power cords, are safer in your carry-on but you can stow the adapters in your checked luggage. Also in that carry-on you’ll need something to hold your interest, particularly if the inflight movie isn’t working. You’ll want things to keep you comfortable; necessary meds, generous pants, pressure socks if the flight is long, sweater or light jacket, and shoes that are easy on/off. And you’ll appreciate some back-up clothing just in case your checked luggage doesn’t arrive when you do. Just remember the rules about what you can and cannot bring on board the aircraft.

There may be several other items you’ll want to bring in your carry-on. Good travel guides will give you options for what to do depending on the length of your stay, your interests, and your bank account. A novel set in the locale you’re visiting could give you a different view of your travels. For instance, Elizabeth Peters’ view of Egypt is entertaining and more enlightening that any guide book could be. You’ll also need maps (or map app) ~ just how will you get to the first place you’re staying? It’s a really good idea to have this first adventure well planned because you’re probably going to be both excited and tired when you step off the plane.

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