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Rottnest Island Lodging, Food and Activities Review

The ride over to Rottenest Island is fun, and only takes a few minutes. If you are going to stay overnight, you probably do want to go during the week; particularly in summer Rottnest gets crowded.

Where we stayed...
Four and one-half Carrots

Top: Lodge bar, bathroom
Bottom: twin room
Rottnest Lodge is housed in the old prison. Inside everything has been modernized and decorated to welcome guests. There is a nice sized seating area near the well-stocked bar, as well as tables and chairs in the hotel courtyard. Trees and umbrellas provide shade, so this is a great place to take a break from hiking around the island. The room we stayed in was large with comfortable beds and windows looking out over one of the trails. There was a small refrigerator and supplies to make tea of coffee available. The bathroom was nearly perfect; the exception was that the shower tended to send water out onto the floor in the rest of the bathroom. The desk clerks were helpful and polite. Your bags are brought from the ferry and delivered to your room, so there is no bother about hauling them up the hill. The bags will also be picked up and returned to the ferry, but this must be done early in the morning. If you have carry-on bags, there is a secure storage area available at no charge.

What we ate...
Four Carrots

Dinner was very good and the restaurant in Rottnest Lodge is lovely. The seared scallops were
Left top: Scallops; bottom Mushrooms
Right top: Risotto; bottom Breakfast
wonderful; putting them on a piece of sausage and drizzling a sweet and savory sauce over them was inspired. The only problem with this was that the sausages were like hockey pucks; a bad contrast to the delectable scallops. Dave had seafood risotto which was very well prepared. Whoever is cooking the seafood knows what he/she is doing; even that in the risotto was not overcooked. My main dish was mushrooms over asparagus which was fairly well prepared. The vegetables were well cooked with a hint of sweet. Unfortunately they were on some sort of chili sauce that was much too hot for the delicate flavors of the veggies. Breakfast, which come with your room, was very good. The eggs, meats and fruits were fresh and well prepared. Of course, coffee, tea and fruit juices accompany breakfast.

Aristo’s is right on Thompson Bay, so you have a good view of the boats coming in and out, as well as
of the tourists and shore birds. Service was relatively quick and polite. Dave and I shared a fish sandwich that was delicious. The bread was homemade and the fish was fresh.

Three and one-half Carrots

Fish sandwich
The Dome Café was originally a coffee shop and it still has a variety of styles of coffee. Its varied menu includes sandwiches, appetizers, main dishes, salads, and so forth. The service on the afternoon we were there was slow. The chicken sandwich was good, as were the chips, and it was large enough to share.

What we did...

For a full description of the activities, see Qute Quokkas.

Four Carrots
The free tour to see the quokkas was great fun. There are a variety of free, volunteer-led tours; take as many as your interest/time allows.

Three and one-half Carrots

The island bus is expensive because the charge is for one day (not 24 hours), but it is a good way to get around. The complete circuit takes about an hour and it makes 18 stops (if someone wants to get off/on). 

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