Friday, May 30, 2014

The Invasion

Sometimes things that happen while I’m gone rambling are more entertaining than what I’m experiencing. Here’s what the NearNormal-Traveler, DM, reports:

Chittering squirrel
I was in my research laboratory yesterday afternoon, doing manly things, and realized I was hearing the chitter/barking of an upset squirrel. Having had two hawks fly just over my head recently I surmised one had made itself at home in a tree in the backyard and the local denizens were not appreciative of the incursion. Not an unusual occurrence.  I poked my head rather cautiously out of the doorway so as not to influence the balance of nature and discovered the complaining party was on the rain gutter of CL’s studio, staring my way. Upon seeing me the wronged party increased the volume and venom level as it started shaking its whole body to further project its impatience at my negligent attitude towards keeping it supplied with sunflower seeds.

Squirrel after sunflower seeds
Being a sensitive and caring individual I proceeded to see to the well-being of our local fauna. Within seconds three of the little buggers were at the business of putting on fat for the coming winter. A little early perhaps, but putting it away they were. I obtained a small dollop of a certain amber colored adult beverage and assumed a supervisory position on the patio. The temperature hovered around 68oF and all was well and peaceful once more.

And then from the west came the invasion. They were spread out in a skirmish line at first – well spaced and devilishly organized, ransacking every hiding place for their prey. Then they started imitating Brownian movement personified, flitting in first one direction and then another at a speed which defied description. They would rustle through the plants, then bounce off a tree and then leap over one another, reversing direction or jumping straight up in the air seemingly at random, but one knew just watching them that every movement was a calculated step in the complete annihilation of something, but only they knew what.
Carolina Wren

They reached the eastern fence and upon an unseen/heard signal doubled back into the midst of the squirrels (and me) where they continued their chaotic pursuit of, well, I still have no idea what they were after. This was the largest concentration of Troglodytes I have yet to witness. There were at least eight of them. Whether it was a family group or a seldom observed example of speed dating, I have no idea. They hung around for a good five minutes totally ignoring the squirrels and me. As quickly as they appeared, they were gone.

Then I went inside knowing things were NearNormal.

Four hungry squirrels
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