Friday, April 18, 2014

Never normal, only near

Group W Bench
Although I refer to this as the NearNormal Traveler (singular) blog,I am usually with other folks on these sojourns, so many of the postings will refer to 'us' rather than just to me. In the long years that I've indulged my wanderlust, there has never been a 'normal' trip nor 'normal' travelers; that would be much too dull. So
far on this trip we've only encountered a few odd occurrences, but situations from our past adventures seem to set the stage for new possibilities. For instance, using the Group W Bench as a meeting place.

Back in the 1980s Arlo Guthrie sang about Alice’s Restaurant. This was a tale not only about a woman who owned a restaurant, but also a war protest song. The Group W Bench of ne'er-do-wells figured prominently into the war protest portion. If you’d like to know more you’ll have to go
The Awakening!
to YouTube and listen to the entire saga. Suffice it to say that when we’re with any group and we end up sitting for sustained periods of time in one place we refer to it as the ‘Group W Bench’. It’s also a place to meet when we’re off doing our separate things. In this case the bench was in the British Museum and we were taking a break from the excitement of the museum collections. However, a few minutes later, Barb and I went off to do some shopping. Upon our return, we found the guys, still on the Group W Bench but surrounded by two groups of picture taking, Japanese tourists; they were picture worthy because they had fallen asleep! I missed the sleeping shot, but caught the awakening.

Trafalgar Square Rooster 
Trafalgar Square is home to great places to eat and wonderful things to see. Lately a German artist has presented London with a piece of art that now graces the area and celebrates England’s defeat of France in 1805. Yep, it’s a big blue rooster. I have no idea how Londoners or the French feel about this, but it gave our group a good giggle. While identifying a large rooster didn’t present much of a problem, the sheep seemed to cause some consternation. Perhaps if they had seen cattle or horses they wouldn’t have been quite so astounded.
Sheep near Stonehenge

Neither the travelers nor the travel is ever normal, that's why we’re NearNormal Travelers . . .

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